About Us

Born in September 2010, from the bond between the two co-founders, Giulia Béguelin and Martina Marangoni, as the fusion of their different background experience in the jewellery world.
Their incredible stylistical likeness, the passion for travelling and researching and the inborn manual skills are the perfect combination for this new and ‘precious’ adventure.
Travelling partners, lucky charms, beginnings of stories that only who wears them can give a meaning, a romantic experience, this and much more are the untileditions jewellery.
Sophisticated and poor materials are intertwined and enhanced by the passionate process of hand made production, where the natural faults of colour and shape of the stones and metals are underlined rather than hidden.
Their simple, original and unique design, give way to ‘untitled’ collections, intimate and personal, ready to be made personal once worn.